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By Anya P. Foxen

With over 4 million copies in print, Paramahansa Yogananda's autobiography has served as a gateway into yoga and substitute spirituality for North American practitioners for the reason that 1946. Balancing conventional yoga, metaphysical spirituality, and an aptitude for the level, Yogananda encouraged numerous humans to perform Yogoda, his personal model of yoga. His procedure mixed the non secular and superhuman aspirations of Indian traditions with the health-oriented sensibilities of Western practice.

Because the Yogoda application doesn't depend upon recognizable postures and poses, it has remained less than the radar of yoga scholarship. Biography of a Yogi examines Yogananda's occupation and Yogoda within the wider context of the advance of yoga within the 20th century. concentrating on Yogis in this early interval of transnational popularization, Foxen highlights the continuities within the thought of the Yogi as superhuman and lines the transformation of yoga from a holistic and non secular perform to its present-day postural practice.

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