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By Tom Petrie

This publication is a critique of the plethora of unfavorable nutrition articles in latest mainstream media. in brief, it's a booklet whose time has come because it endeavors to discover, intimately, the large distortions within the well known press near to supplements and different dietary vitamins. whereas articles usually seem explaining how “bad” supplementations are or how “dangerous” they're, the higher query is how risky are traditional cures! Anti-Vitamin Baloney addresses particular destructive diet articles as they seemed within the November, 2007 Reader’s Digest and the April, 2010 factor. Frankly, any or 3 destructive articles may have served as an ideal template for our book.

Appendix A addresses, intimately, environmental explanations of cancer--causes which are, for the main half, missed by way of traditional media. Appendix B discusses fresh additions to the anti-vitamin literature, from the data of inner medication and from the magazine of the yank scientific. those stories have brought on a lot angst and dismay throughout the US.

Anti-Vitamin Baloney is enjoyable to learn and completely referenced.

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